If you follow me on instagram and/or twitter, you may know that just over a month ago, I adopted a sweet little 1 year old cat from the Humane Society. Since then, I’ve been 1) too busy playing with her and 2) too busy preparing for my qualifying exam (mostly #2, but I wish it were more #1) to post about her. Now that my qual is done, I’d like to finally introduce you all to my precious girl, Smeagol!

I know the name probably reminds you of this little fellow from LOTR:

Source: Dugbee | Flickr

Source: Dugbee | Flickr

But no worries, she is nowhere as creepy as Gollum (and luckily not possessed by a magic ring). But she is gray/brown, which fits with the name, and I’ve always wanted to name my pets after characters from middle earth.

2015-03-26 17.51.25

So why am I posting about my cat on a blog about med school and grad school? Well, a little while ago there was a hashtag going around twitter, #academicswithcats. Now that I’m one of them, I wanted to share some of my pictures of how this little cat has changed the way I work.

Working on the computer is a lot harder.

2015-03-08 11.00.49

I can’t edit my writing.

(That’s my qualifying paper).

2015-03-15 13.20.28

I can’t access the papers I’d like to read.

2015-03-23 11.41.01

But it’s totally worth it!

2015-03-30 09.25.59

If you’re looking to get a pet, please consider adoption!

Hanna is a MD/PhD student at the University of Illinois and an aspiring physician scientist who aims to specialize in hepatobiliary cancers. She is also passionate about teaching, leadership, and advocacy. The energy she once used to pep up crowds as a college marching band member is now directed toward exciting and educating others about science and medicine, especially through her tweets at @MDPhDToBe and her blog at www.mdphdtobe.com.

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4 comments on “#AcademicsWithCats
  1. Barb Warden says:

    Whatta nice kitty! We adopted our youngest one from a group that deals mostly with feral cats, finding homes for their kittens and then spaying them.

    Aunt Barb

  2. mdafterphd says:

    she is so cute. we do need pet therapy for sure. good luck on your exam

  3. Jordan says:

    In a very similar situation myself! My cat wants to be cuddly at all the wrong times some days. Such cute pics though, so how could you resist!

  4. […] reading every paper somewhat related to my research that I could get my hands on (and playing with my new cat, Smeagol). Let’s just say my useless science knowledge expanded exponentially during that time (sure I […]

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