School-Life Balance (Listed first because it’s most important!)

As a MD/PhD student, do you have any time for yourself? For family and friends? To just take a break? I would like to do a MD/PhD program, but I want to enjoy my 20s…

Burnout/Getting It All Done

How do you have the time to do EVERYTHING??? Like writing, studying, teaching, going to classes/seminars, etc. etc. (Answer on Almost Docs)


What inspired you to start your blog? Also how did you start it?

High School

I will finish high school next year, and I want to apply to medical school. I really don’t understand all those things like premed, MCAT, postbacc program and i absolutley don’t know what to do to get into one. 😦 Help me please, what should I do after high school to become a doctor?

Undergrad (General)

How do you feel about adderall abuse in college? I don’t want to take it but I feel as if I won’t do well in college if I don’t take it….

Picking a Major


How important are grades for med school? Can other things make up for not achieving super high grades? I read that you got in with a 3.6 (I thought getting in required gpas near 4.0); what else made you a strong applicant? Not trying to sound rude or anything


I will be applying to medical school in the next few years and I was wondering how to keep track of my activities. What activities are “important”? What are med schools looking for? How far should I go back (i.e. high school, summer vacations, etc.?) How should I organize the info for AMCAS?

Research Experience




Take these with a grain of salt – I am not an admissions counselor and I have never sat on an admissions committee. I have gone through the experience myself and spoken with many professors who do sit on admissions committees though. If you ask me questions directly through e-mail (at mdphdtobe@gmail.com), I will respect your privacy and not transfer any of your personal information (if I choose to add the question) unless you give me permission. I will also be slowly adding my previous Q&As from my ask.fm account. Question not answered? Submit anonymously to my ask.fm account.

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