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Study Tips for the MCAT (More on How I Prepared in a Month)

Nearly a year ago to the day, I wrote my highly popular blog post “How I Prepared for the MCAT in Only a Month.” I wrote it with the intent to show others that the MCAT does not have to

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Why Medicine?

Q (from Why do you want to become a doctor? Did you ever consider any other profession? For a time in my life (primarily during the med school application and interview process) I HATED this question simply because I was

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Why I majored in chemistry

Q (From Why did you choose to major in chem? What did you plan to do with your chem degree? In high school, I wanted to do pharmacy. I shadowed a pharmacist and she told me that chemistry was

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Activities for Medical School – Which are important?

Q (from I will be applying to medical school in the next few years and I was wondering how to keep track of my activities. What activities are “important”? What are med schools looking for? How far should I

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Encouragement and Warnings for Late Medical School Applicants

Two blog posts in two days after two months without a single word?! I know you’re probably confused, so I’ll give you the two-part answer: 1) The deadline for the NIH fellowship application that I’ve been working on all summer

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AMCAS is Coming

Time is ticking… The AMCAS application opens in just over a month with submissions first accepted in little over two. If you’re applying this cycle, it’s about time to start working on your application and, more specifically, your personal statement

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