Applying to Medical School

Everyone who is either in medical school or somewhere further along their career as a doctor once too worried about getting in to medical school. They stressed about their GPA. They got clinical experience. They wrote personal statements. They interviewed at various schools. Most importantly, they made it in. And so can you!

Getting into medical school is highly competitive and so it is natural as a pre-med to over analyze everything. You’re asking questions like if I volunteer 5 hours per week instead of 4, will I get in? Or If I major in chemistry, will I have a better chance of getting in than if I major in biology? The questions go on and on… It’s fun, right?!

No. No it is not. It’s stressful, and it consumes your undergraduate experience, a time for personal growth, adjusting to adulthood, and simply having fun enjoying your youth! Well, let me tell you a little secret. Getting into medical school is not just a series of short sprints, it’s a freaking marathon! Marathon runners don’t have to go the same speed for the whole race, they may slow down for a while, climb the figurative wall, and get a second wind. It’s the same for medical school. You might have a slow spot, say a semester with lower grades or a semester where you skip the clinical or research work or you’ll opt for one class over another, but that’s not going to mean that you won’t get in to medical school!

If you’re thinking about going to medical school before the end of your junior year (just months before applying to medical school), you’re ahead of me and you have plenty of time to get your stuff together! My time spent consciously preparing to apply to medical school was rather brief. I went through college planning on a career in research while taking medicine prerequisites for “fun.” Then in the middle of the spring of my junior year of college, I was swept off my feet by the possibility of getting both MD and PhD degrees in a combined program and I never looked back. I made this decision in mid-April and submitted my application at the end of July. I felt that I had a disadvantage by not planning to go into medicine for most of college and I was in a rush to get my application in that year – I was way too excited to wait another year to apply! Luckily I had taken all of the prerequisites for medical school for “fun.” Looking back, there’s a lot I wish I had known earlier, which is why I’m here to help you!

Below you will find links to posts on my blog about various aspects of the application process including my personal experience with each and my advice for you. If you have anything that you would like me to specifically cover, feel free to contact me on twitter at @MDPhDToBe or e-mail me at mdphdtobe(at) Remember that I will be juggling both grad school and medical school, so it may take me a while to get the posts done, but I will get them done!

Best of luck in all of your endeavors and remember I am always here to help you!


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