Twitter Accounts To Follow

Pursuing a career in science or medicine isn’t easy and we cannot do it alone. Therefore, here are some twitter accounts that help me through my journey and may help you as well.

Pre-med/Post-Bacc Students

Medical Students (current and accepted med students)

  • Roheet Kakaday (@TheBiopsy): M.D. Candidate @OHSUSOM | @UCSDBE Graduate | Author of The Biopsy | Founder @LeanOnAdmit
  • Med. School Queen☤♛ (@MedschoolQueen): First year medical student. I’m the one in hot pink scrubs. Blog:
  • Jalal Aref (@ArefDoc): Medical Student. Penn State Alumnus. Runner. Arabic Caligrapher.
  • Joshua Wienczkowski (@mtnmedstudent): | ETSU med student 2017 | brewer of incredulously delicious beer | runner | #MedEd enthusiast | sepsis research | recovering songwriter | writer at @accepted
  • MARTENEY JANE (@IneedaMARTENEY): Christian. This is the life of a Go Getter. Medical student. Your future doctor. I am a movement.
  • A Hopeful Doc (@AHopefulDoc): Med student, blogger, runner, lover of all things organic, budding photographer, compulsive move credits dancer. The glass is half full at:
  • The Health Scout (@HealthScoutBlog): 2nd year #medstudent. Taking @Step1 on 6/16/14 (no unsolicited advice, please). Tweets about: #meded, #medschool, #healthcare, #premed. Follow/RT ≠ endorsement.
  • alex james (@hipstermedstudent): finally getting it kind of together – working my way towards a medical degree
  • MDso♚me (@masterofsleep): If Bob Marley went for the MD. Class ’18 MD BUMC. Research ethics board. #Blogger #McNairScholar. I’m here to be me.
  • Pretty Strong Med (@PrettyStrongMed): Medical student. Indiana Hoosier. Sorority alum. Slow runner. Girly girl. Occasional blogger. Frantic wedding planner. Sweat Pink Ambassador.
  • Shana ☤ (@SHANAphylaxis): Mexican-Filipino. Sprinting at the hospital in my stilettos. Kill me with epinephrine. Medical Student. Grace under {[nRT/(V-nb)]-[(n^2)a/(V^2)]}.
  • Nabeel U. Ali (@NabeelUAli): Medical Student | Engineer | Technology Innovator | focused on improving healthcare through disruptive #research#tech, and #venture@AlbanyMed@HarvardMed
  • Erik Reinertsen (@erikreinertsen)MD/PhD student @EmoryMedicine + @GeorgiaTech@UCLA bruin. Bioengineer learning about startups. Co-founder @ForgeATL.
  • Jonathan Lin (@jonathanlin9): MD/PhD student @WUSTL studying visual neuroscience | violinist in@STLPhilharmonic
  • Ajay Major (@majorajay): 2nd year #medstudent. Aspiring physician-journalist. #meded#writing,#innovation. Founder of @InTrainingDoc, the online mag for med students.#Step1 = 6/6/14.
  • Nina Nguyen (@meimeian): aspiring physician-writer, still an MD student ~ managing editor@InTrainingDoc ~ blogger @usherbrooke ♒️
  • Alex Goglia (@alexgoglia): MD/PhD student at @RWJMS + @Princeton. Interested in genomics, DNA repair, & cancer biology.


  • Allison (@grecoa3): Internal Medicine Resident Physician. Freelance writer/blogger. Interested in meded, policy. Won’t share medical advice or patient info.
  • Danielle Jones, MD (@daniellenjones): Wife. Twin Mom. Doctor. Blogger. Half Crazy. All Busy. We are The Jones Traveling Circus, @donnierayjones. #blessed
  • Ryan Gray, MD (@Medicalschoolhq): The #1 #Premed Podcast! | Also Check Out the Academy | Training From Experts + Vital Non-Anonymous Community! |
  • Dr. K (@medschooladvice): Advice for premed, medstudents, and everyone else! Duke pediatric sleep doc. Author of EVERYTHING I LEARNED IN MEDICAL SCHOOL and WHY MEDICINE.
  • ENT Monkey (@otorhinolarydoc): Temporarily out of order. I make up all my tweets. IG:otorhinolarydoc

Graduate Students

  • Micro Bio (@Blabinthelab): This is the next five years. Might as well make light.
  • Research Problems (@ResearchProbs): Just a grad student tweeting all the problems that go along with this life decision. Cause if it goes right the first time, it isn’t research.
  • SometimesScienceSux (@SmtimScienceSux): A cell and molecular biology grad student in a neuroscience lab.. just trying to suruvive…..
  • Life of a PhD Stud (@LifeofaPhDStud): part time student, part time TA, part time research scientist, part time normal 20-something; full time PhD student


  • DNLee (@DNLee5): Biologist & Hip-Hop Maven: Urban Ecology, Evolution, STEM Diversity, Science Outreach African Giant Pouched Rate behavior & natural history research.
  • Cancer Research Inst (@CancerResearch): Leading global efforts to harness the power of the immune system to conquer all cancers.
  • Shit Academics Say (@AcademicsSay): A social experiment.
  • Mike Thompson, MDPhD (@mtmdphd): Heme/Onc, Cancer Research. Aurora. Myeloma (#mmsm), Lymphoma, Phase I/II, Social media. Advise(d): Best Doctors, Doximity, HealthTap, image32, LSV, @XconomyWI
  • Shameless Caroler (@ChemProfCramer): UMN Prof of Chemistry & Assoc Dean. Army vet. MOOC vet. Dad of 3. Downtown Minneapolitan. Singer/Whistler. Armed with a keyboard and eerily immune to shame.

Science Writers

  • Ed Yong (@edyong209): Science writer, freelance journalist, husband, trillions of microbes in a human-shaped sack. I cover the wow beat.
  • carlzimmer (@carlzimmer): Science writer, @nytimes columnist, champion of underappreciated life forms, speaker


  • AlmostDocs (@AlmostDocs): We bring together the web’s best stuff for med students et al.
  • in-Training (@InTrainingDoc): the online magazine for medical students – or to contribute – tweets by @majorajay & @meimeian
  • StudentDoctorNetwork (@studentdoctor): The Student Doctor Network: SDN is a nonprofit educational community for students and doctors in the health professions.
  • Lean On (@LeanOnAdmit): The new social admissions agency revolutionizing #medschool admissions. Made for students by students.

For more pre-med and med students to follow, check out my medical family twitter list here:


Hanna is a MD/PhD student at the University of Illinois and an aspiring physician scientist who aims to specialize in hepatobiliary cancers. She is also passionate about teaching, leadership, and advocacy. The energy she once used to pep up crowds as a college marching band member is now directed toward exciting and educating others about science and medicine, especially through her tweets at @MDPhDToBe and her blog at

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  1. Jennifer says:

    Thanks for mentioning me 🙂

  2. Woah–I’m way flattered! Enjoyed reading of your thoughts on social media 🙂

  3. Ohmissalyssa says:

    Also check out mine 🙂 internal medicine resident – @ohmissalyssa

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